Trump Has More Twitter Chatter in Swing States, but It’s Not All Positive

6 out of 7 states are talking about the Donald

This year's presidential election has been the most social in history, but will Twitter chatter determine the next president?

Only today's Election Day numbers will tell, but in the meantime, Spredfast crunched stats for seven major swing states—Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire—to see how total mentions and sentiment break down for Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

The data tracks chatter between Oct. 10 and Nov. 7. While Spredfast's numbers show that Trump has far more chatter—Colorado is the only state where Clinton is ahead—it's worth noting that Clinton has more positive chatter in all states, although it's a particularly close race in Ohio and Florida.

Nonetheless, check out the graphs below detailing an overall percentage for each state that represents the total amount of chatter, whether it's positive or negative. The numbers also include week-by-week chart that specifically tracks positive sentiment for each state.

Overall chatter for Ohio

Trump: 67 percent

Clinton: 33 percent

Overall chatter for Pennsylvania

Trump: 63 percent

Clinton: 37 percent

Overall chatter for New Hampshire

Trump: 62 percent

Clinton: 38 percent

Overall chatter for Florida

Trump: 67 percent

Clinton: 33 percent

Overall chatter for Colorado

Trump: 27 percent

Clinton: 73 percent

Overall chatter for North Carolina

Trump: 68 percent

Clinton: 32 percent

Overall chatter for Michigan

Trump: 68 percent

Clinton: 32 percent