Trump Debate Exit Inspires World’s Worst Headlines

Donald Trump is practically a walking headline with hair. Headlines all but write themselves when he’s in the news. But somehow when he decided Tuesday that he wouldn’t host the Republican debate with Newsmax set for later this month, the media ran the most bland headlines ever.

Politico, and NJ all ran nearly identical headlines: “Trump pulls out of moderating debate” (Politico), “Trump pulls out of debate” ( and “Trump pulls out as debate moderator” (NJ).

Even worse were LAT, USA Today and TWT. Looks like they, too, had a meeting on how to make the news as flat as possible: “Donald Trump bows out as GOP debate moderator” (LAT), “Donald Trump bows out as GOP debate moderator” (USA Today), and “Trump bows out of Newsmax debate” (TWT).

At least “pulls out” sounds gross.

The only D.C.-based publication that gave even the slightest effort was WaPo and they went for the obvious: “Trump fires himself as debate moderator.”

Everyone should have taken a tip from the Drudge Report. “Trump Dumps” was the headline there. That’s also gross, but it rhymes and that’s something.