Trump Camp Tried to Get Post to ‘Fix’ ‘Reprehensible’ Story

"We asked them to fix it, they refused to fix it."

On Fox News this morning, Donald Trump’s senior advisor Barry Bennett said the campaign asked the Washington Post to change its story that led Trump to revoke the access the Post had been getting to the campaign.

“The reporter that follows Mr. Trump wrote a story yesterday which was pretty reprehensible, basically Donald Trump blames Barack Obama for the attack which is, you know, crazy,” Bennett told Bill Hemmer. “We asked them to fix it, they refused to fix it. So we’ll let some other reporter take his slot.”

Hemmer asked whether he thinks it is smart to “pick this fight” with a news organization. “They can cover him all day long and they will. They’re not going to stop covering him. It’s just a question of who gets to travel with us in the press plane. If you’ve tried to work with a reporter over and over again and you just can’t get a fair shake, then let’s give that seat to someone who will.”