Trump Continues to Ban Reporters From Events

One of the nicest things he's done.

Donald Trump, who has received almost $2 billion in free advertising from the press, continues to ban reporters from his events.

The latest case involved Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger, who was forbidden from entering Trump’s Florida event last night. In what must be a pure coincidence, Schreckinger’s most recent Politico article was critical of Trump’s campaign manager.

“If this is the response to honest, fair, and sometimes critical reporting—like today’s piece on campaign manager Corey Lewandowski—it certainly will not intimidate Politico as we cover the campaign in the days ahead,” said Politico editor Susan Glasser, in a statement.

Politico now joins a growing roster of media outlets that have been banned from Trump events. The New York Times, The Des Moines Register, Univision, Fusion, The Huffington Post, National Review, Mother Jones and BuzzFeed have all been kept out at one point or another.