Get the True Scoop on Your Facebook Friends

Did you know that Nick O’Neill was busted for marijuana possession? Granted, it wasn’t the same Nick O’Neill that runs this blog, and it took place in 1982, the year this site’s Nick O’Neill was born. But if you were looking for information on this particular Nick O’Neill, wouldn’t that be good information to know?

A new Facebook app called TrueScoop digs up the dirt on anyone you can think of. It’s a free service, so you can probably guess that you’re restricted to the information that’s available via public records across the U.S.

Just type in the name or the birth date of the person you’d like to learn more about, and TrueScoop will spend the next few seconds (and hours) scouring its database. For each search result you’ll get the basics: location, date of birth, middle initial, and whether or not there is a criminal record. Results can also be filtered by state. TrueScoop will show an expanded detail list of the criminal record from there, along with any other details it’s pulled for your person of interest.

There are a few action items you can take for each search result. You can indicate whether or not that search result is you, share the permalink, or “pin” it, which is the equivalent of saving it to your personal file within the TrueScoop app. You can also leave a comment on a search result, which won’t be posted to your wall, but performing a search on the TrueScoop app will.

As if Facebook weren’t already a great resource for getting the dirt on your friends, now you can get information on people that aren’t even members of the popular social network. Though, pulling up the TrueScoop app, your initial recommendations for typing in your first search include names of friends in your social graph. In this sense, you’re encouraged to search for information on your Facebook friends. How’s that make you feel?

Now, if you’re looking to use the TrueScoop app for spying on your Facebook friends even more than you already do, knock yourself out. But remember that TrueScoop won’t get you much further than a typical people search engine that includes public (criminal) records. And since TrueScoop is also free, there’s a good chance that the database(s) it’s searching aren’t the most recently updated. Most importantly, remember that sharing this type of information through a network like Facebook could easily piss a few people off. So be cognizant of this as you use the TrueScoop app and share the permalinks. And have fun!