True Test of Intentions

Likeness UnratedEarlier this morning I posted about how the best ad networks will be able to target ads based on user intentions. If any application was a test of intentions, the Likeness UNRATED application surely is. The first quiz you are given states “List the crimes you are MOST likely to commit first.” This is hillarious! Does my response express my intention to do so? Is the FBI tracking this? I’m not quite sure but this application definitely is entertaining. The options for the first quiz that you are asked to sort are:

  • Buy drugs
  • Drive drunk
  • Shoot cheating lover
  • Sex for money
  • Shoplift
  • Arson
  • Rob a bank
  • Sell drugs
  • Cheat on taxes
  • Steal a car

I won’t disclose what order I placed these in but this is definitely a risqué app. The other quizzes that are available are “Excuses to have sex,” “Truth or dare,” “Excuses for No Sex,” “Places to Make Out,” “Misadventures in Sex,” and “Inner Criminal.” See a pattern here? It looks like RockYou intends to add quiz creation capabilities to this application in the near future. One great feature of this application is it tells you how closely your other friends were in answering these truly insignificant questions. If you want to have fun answering unrated and uncensored questions, go grab the Likeness UNRATED application.