True Confessions Of A Facebook Snob

A bit of selectivity goes a long way on Facebook.

Call me a Facebook snob; I wear the banner proudly.

I am not an elitist, I don’t have a huge ego and my title has nothing to do with my education level or the amount of dollars in my checking account. You can’t point the finger at me and state that I’m a wannabe Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls type.

And for God’s sake, don’t refer to me as a “biatch!” I simply swing both ways, appreciating my scholarly friends and beer bunch crew equally, but wisely selective about who I let into my Facebook realm.

I like keeping my wall clutter-free, devoid of nonsense and of stuff that might raise my blood pressure. Don’t hang me by by toes for just trying to keep the noise level of my Facebook page down and for using it in a way that would provide me with the greatest value. Why do I refer to myself as a Facebook snob?

Ignoring Friend Requests

I confess: I have ignored the friend requests of certain family members, co-workers, friends.

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