Trudy Lieberman Says You Missed the Mark

Yep – I’m talking to you AP, NY Times, PBS and the rest of the mainstream media. In Lieberman’s Columbia Journalism Review analysis of your coverage of the $787 billion stimulus deal, she says you completely neglected the COBRA and Medicaid angles and what was left by the roadside.

Lieberman says, “we in the media tend toward fanfare and exuberance when reporting on a final legislative product – a celebration, if you will, of the difficult feat of passing a law. But often these ‘wrap-ups’ fail to mention what got left behind in the back rooms where the deals with lobbyists were made, let alone the significance of these omissions to the public. The stimulus bill was no exception.”

So why not inform the public with facts about a proposed bill and “less about people who couldn’t buy Christmas gifts?”

Check out her full take at the CJR.