Trove: Free iPad News Aggregation App from the Washington Post

The Washington Post has a free news aggregation iPad app.

Trove for iPad

It uses the topic by row design that several other news aggregation apps use. Oddly, none of the news items I saw were sourced from the Washington Post itself. Instead, news items came from a variety of traditional news sources (TV, newspapers, magazines) and blogs.

The app clearly states that it requires a Facebook login. The Trove FAQ states that Trove starts you out with channels based on your Facebook likes and interests, which saves you time and effort. And you can always add more interests to Trove or remove ones you no longer want to see news about. However, I saw no evidence of this in the initial news choices.

Trove provides a list of two-choices of news items. It asks you which interests you more. You can also choose “both.” However, looking through the choices given to me, absolutely none of the news choices were even remotely interesting to me. What I really needed was an “not interested in either choice” option when presented with a pair of choices like “Project Runway” and “Fashion Week.”

Roughly 80% of the news sources I saw are ones I already follow using either RSS feeds, apps or direct website reading. So, the additional news value was minimally incremental.

News items can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter. News items can also be opened in the iPad’s Safari mobile browser for bookmarking.

If you are not already using one of the other news aggregation apps, Trove might be useful.