Talked About On Twitter: Tropical Storm Isaac

As thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are evacuating their homes, quite a few are taking a moment to post pics of their plight on Twitter.

Not even a tropical storm can stop Twitter – or to quote Twitter, “the tweets must flow.




Beyond the pics of and from folks affected by Tropical Storm Isaac . . .



. . . if you’ve been following the #Isaac hashtag you’ll also find the latest breaking news:


Tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):


And even a tweet from Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, asking Tweople to support the relief effort by giving to the Red Cross:


So if you’re looking for a way to convince the technophobe in your life to log on to Twitter, tell them that Twitter is increasingly used as a way to share important information during natural disasters and other emergency situations. It’s a pretty valuable emergency broadcast tool.

Have you ever used Twitter during an emergency? Tell us about it.

(New Orleans flood image from Shutterstock)