Trojan’s ‘Condom Cab’ Stunt Might Not Make It Past City Hall

Trojan‘s promotional stunts just never seem to get off (yep, bad puns already) without a hitch. This time, the company’s Valentine’s Day plans have hit a road block.

Trojan arranged to have its fleet of three Safe Rides taxis pick up passengers in the Greenwich Village and New York University areas of New York City on the nights of February 14 and 15. Passengers would not only enjoy free rides to their love day destinations, but would also be quizzed on sexual-health topics on the way — because nothing gets couples in the mood like a thorough refresher course on VD (venereal disease, not Valentine’s Day. Try to keep up, people).

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to woo your date with a ride home in a condom cab, you may be out of luck. The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission says that neither the purveyor of prophylactics nor its PR company (Edelman) cleared the promotion–and the plans may violate regulations in the first place.

“On its face, they would at least be in violation of the provision that you cannot hold yourself out as a taxi or in the manner of a taxi if you are not properly licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission”, said Allan Fromberg, deputy commissioner for public affairs at the TLC (which is not The Learning Channel or the 90’s R&B group. Learn your acronyms!) “Our legal department is in the process of reaching out directly to the appropriate people at the brand, and they’ll be suitably notified that they would be at risk if they were to run afoul of our regulations.”

First the suspended vibrator giveaway last summer, and now this? We can’t help but wonder whether this really is a case of repeated miscommunication between the brand and the authorities, or whether (dare we say it?) all of this the-city-doesn’t-want-you-to-be-sexy press only intensifies the buzz around these promotions.

What do you think, readers?