Brooklyn Voter Helps Make Russian TV Great Again

Graduate student Tristan Jean relates what happened after he impersonated a Donald Trump supporter.

Tristan Jean used a fake name and espoused a made-up profession. But before all that, he was very clear with the journalists he ran into after voting in the recent New York primary.


From Jean’s piece on Salon:

After voting for Bernie Sanders at the polling station inside the Brooklyn Museum, I noticed a man with a video camera and a woman with a microphone milling around outside. I approached them, asking them if they were journalists. The woman, who had a Russian accent, said that she worked for “international TV” and asked me if I had anything to say. I couldn’t really think of any grand statements to make, so they asked me who I voted for, and I said, “Bernie.”

“That’s too bad,” the woman with the microphone said, “because we are looking for supporters of Donald Trump.”

“I could pretend!” I offered. Much to my surprise, the woman said, “Great!” and her companion started filming me.

Jean, a graduate student, posted about the wacky April 19 incident on Facebook right after it happened, and to his amazement, the interview ran on St. Petersburg’s Channel 5. From there, a Russian blogger picked up on both the report and the Facebook post. The comment that blogger got from the TV station is crazier than the original incident.

Photo of reporter NinaVishneva and her cameraman via: Facebook