Tripwolf Wants to be the Best Social Travel Guide

As the cost of traveling becomes more and more expensive, social travellers must find way to better plan, manage and carry out their travel needs. Most often than not, a costly travel is incurred due to poor travel planning. Tripwolf wants to help you plan your next travel by offering a feature-rich social travel guide that covers the whole world with focus on Europen travels.

Tripwolf combines professional editorial content with user-generated content from globetrotters worldwide. It offers Americans and travel geeks in other countries, useful tips and recommendations for stretching their greenbacks while traveling through Europe. These travel trips come from professional travel content from MairDumont combined with Tripworld’s very own “trip gurus”.

Tripwolf features personal and professional travel photos and videos. It also aggregates content from sites like Wikipedia, Flickr and YouTube. Now here’s the best part, Tripwold also lets you build and print a personalized 10-20 page travel guide which you can save into PDF format and take with you along on your next trip.

To give you an idea, how feature rich Tripworld is, here’s a rundown of its KEY features:

  • Facebook integration
  • Content partner and investor MairDumont, European market leader for travel information
  • Portable data – build your own personal and printable travel guide for any destination
  • Wiki-approach – users can add/update information
  • Trip gurus offering knowledgeable local advice
  • Community features
  • Site is available in English and German
  • Intuitive interface
  • Covers the whole world
  • Consistent geo-coding
  • Travel blogs showing routes in a map
  • Travel photo uploads
  • Ratings for sights and hotels

Joining Tripwolf is free and you can even sign in with your Facebook account. So, for your next travel to Europe, you might want consider checking out Tripwolf first.