TripShare Lets iPad Users Share Potential Travel Plans with Friends

Are you planning a summer vacation but you’d like input from your friends before your book? Check out TripShare, an iPad app that lets you create and share your itineraries before you book them.

Once you sketch out a plan, you can share it plans with friends who can then give you feedback on your plan and make suggestions to your travel plan. You can then make edits to the itinerary based on your friends’ suggestions. Once you have the trip in mind that you’d like to take, you can price and book your trip through various online travel agencies — Expedia,, Homeaway and Viator — without leaving the app.

The app was founded by  Bob Dana Virgin America’s first employee who served as CFO when he worked for the airline. He told TechCrunch that the idea for the app came from as he was trying to create a vacation plan to convince his family to join him on a business trip in California. “I ended up preparing this 10-page Word document that included text and photos I cut and pasted from various websites. It was intended to be persuasive in nature, and collaborative, too,” he told the blog. “I thought afterwards, that collaborative travel planning was something that was rather difficult to do.”