TripAdvisor Gobbles Up

The TripAdvisor press release is short and not very sweet. Terms are not going to be disclosed; there’s no quote from the end.

So we’ll go elsewhere for some real meat. Via Travel Weekly, it didn’t take long after the pick-up of this announcement for a reader to express their concern:

Travelerkate: Do we know if this will change their content? I liked Oyster because it was much more reliable than TripAdvisor.

Good question. will remain based in New York and, hopefully, not dilute its much more authoritative approach. From, here’s a little more background:

Elie, Eytan and Ariel are the three entrepreneurs behind Elie and Ariel spent much of the years between 2000 and 2006 traveling around the United States as they built their first startup, Epana, and its 15+ U.S. offices. Racking up a million miles before your 30th birthday is exhausting, but it also yields valuable insight into what makes a hotel great. Elie and Ariel have seen it all, from five-star luxury operations to serious dives…

Sensing an opportunity, Elie and Ariel called Eytan. Eytan was working for Microsoft’s Internet search business to increase the relevance of its results. He therefore understood the technical side of the problem of finding hotel information on the Web. Elie had a simple question for Eytan: “Isn’t the problem I’m having a search problem?” Eytan responded with a simple truth: “Search can’t provide the answer if the underlying content doesn’t exist.”

P.S. In the TODAY report above that partnered NBC with Oyster, one of the issues covered is the problem of “fake” TripAdvisor reviews.