Trio: A Content Mashup App That Makes Attribution Automatic

iOS app Trio launched recently, enabling users to pull content from various sources. Unlike other sites though, Trio has attribution built right in.

Remixing, sharing, repurposing, and repackaging content core to the social media experience. Memes are an easy and popular way to share opinions and experiences. A new app called Trio launched recently with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for remixing content from all across the web, and unlike other services, it has built in attribution tools.

According to the official release:

Mashups are emerging as a mainstream artform for communication and expression among friends, and Trio makes it a great experience for creators, consumers, and content owners.

screen322x572With Trio, users will be able to aggregate content from Instagram, Vine, Giphy, and iTunes. Additionally, users will have access to movie clips, images, and music, with more sources to come in the future, according to the release. Trio is aware that copyright has always been a thorny issue on the internet, so attribution is built right in:

We do linked attribution to every asset used, and can drive loads of traffic and purchases to original content owners. We are also working with public APIs and extremely short clips used in a highly derivative and noncompetitive manner.

Trio plans to monetize in several ways. In addition to native advertising, Trio intends to connect brands with content creators for the purpose of influencer marketing. The app also generates profits with affiliate links, enabling users to buy movies and music.

Most social sites and services generate a great deal of revenue primarily because their users are so active and engaged when it comes to content creation. The market has started to realize the value of these creators, and more revenue sharing options are available.

Trio may provide simple tools and easy attribution, but it isn’t clear if they’ll generate as much value for users as users will for the service.

Readers: Would you use Trio?