Tried to Use Time Warner's TWCable TV iPad Stream Video App: No Luck After Being Transferred 5 Times on the Phone

Yesterday, Time Warner Cable’s Director of Digital Communications noted that

Everybody Loves Those iPads

in commenting on the long security guard occupying Apple’s pop-up store at South By Southwest in Austin. When asked about Time Warner’s iPad app, all he had to say (write) in response was: Dave, keep yr eyes n ears open. App coming VERY soon.

Meanwhile, USA Today reports that:

Time Warner Cable launches iPad app with live TV

Looking in the App Store in the wee hours of the morning of March 15 (the Ides of March), I found the free app named:

TWCable TV

The app lets Time Warner Cable subscribers to watch lvie cable TV on an iPad while at home (and only while at home). The app does not provide parental control. It requres a “Standard” (Expanded Basic) subscription or higher with WiFi connection to a Time Warner Cable Internet Service (or Earthlink).

I tried using my various Time Warner customer usernames and passwords. However, none of them worked. I then attempted to create a new Time Warner Cable ID. This action on the iPad generated an email that provided a link to complete the process. However, the web based process rejected my Time Warner account name that I read right off of my current bill. I called Time Warner customer service who really tried to help me login to the account. She was able to point out the correct account number to type in (not the one lableled “Account”). This got me past the the web authorization. But, I was then told a customer ID already existed. She then reset my password and I tried logging a couple of times without success. At this point she handed me off to a Digital Security group. However, it turned out that was not the right group to help me. The Digital Security group handed me off to the Technical Support Group. The person in tech support was extremely helpful. We tried all kinds of things including using to fake out a lost username and password. I was then handed off to a fourth person to try to help me. Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a combination of a bad phone line a bit of a communication problem. So, I asked to speak with his manager who explained that group only dealt with reseting customer code (which I had). He helpfully suggested to get help via web chat. Unfortunately, web chat is unavailable right now.

End result? I can’t try the new app. I’ll try the web chat in a few hours.