Tribute In Light Fake-Out


Last night, flaneuring through the East Village, ironically red-lettering the calendar, our sidekick pointed–unironically–into the sky and said, “Look.” We did. And saw. The majesty. Of the Tribute in Light. It put us in a pensive tailspin. The value of life. The insufficiency of commemoration. Our own good luck.

Until we realized it was just a test drive.

Which has, now, sent us into an entirely new state of improbable pondering. Were we just not supposed to notice? Or notice but not think about it? Remember that we were supposed to wait until the official Tribute that’s going up on Saturday night and coming down Sunday? “Oh, there’s the memorial. But wait, it’s just a test. OK, nevermind.”

Yeah. That’s not so much gonna work so much conceptually or actually.