Tribune Co. Wants an “Imaginator” in Houston

Earlier today, we told you about Tribune Co.‘s plans to create an anchor-less news broadcast in Houston. It’s an odd idea, but it appears that it could have an even odder job posting.
On the Tribune career website, there’s an opening for an “Executive Producer and Imaginator,” for its KIAH channel in Houston. But if you have television experience, you might not have the right imagination for this job. The ad states, “experience in running a TV newsroom is not necessary and might actually be detrimental as this position requires someone with no traditional TV news baggage, because there’s little tradition involved in the idea.”
The ad then spouts some strange candidate personalities, like wanting someone “with a fiery passion to help re-invent the 80’s rooted, focus grouped, yuppie anchors and a news desk, super dopple ultra weather style,” and who “who thinks in stereo and lives in color.” What about those 21st century digital boys, like this guy?
This adds a little more intrigue to Tribune Co.’s CEO Randy Michaels’s plan to launch a newscast that has no anchors and functions off of “great pictures and great writing.”
But for those who “gets ‘it,'” as the ad says, you can apply here.