Triana Global Launches Guaranteed Payouts, Has Questionable Priorities

-Triana Global Logo-Earlier this week Triana Global, a social platform ad network, contacted me to let me know about a new offer they are providing: a $0.15 CPM or $0.08 CPC guaranteed payout for all social network application publishers. It’s an offering that Lookery has offered developers since early on. Personally I haven’t heard of Triana Global but they are based in Sydney, Australia which may be one reason I haven’t heard of them.

What’s unique about Triana Global? Based on their website there isn’t really anything that unique. Just like numerous other ad networks they are promoting that they are one of the first ad networks on social platforms. The company currently provides advertisers with geo-targeting, application targeting, and demographic targeting. Oh and they also provide one other thing: consulting and development services.

What?!? Apparently Triana Global hasn’t heard the term “conflict of interest”. While it’s not a clear conflict of interest, offering to develop applications which build inventory for your network detracts from the time their staff could be focused on selling the available inventory. As such we have seen partnerships like the one recently announced by Social Media and Buddy Media in which Buddy Media builds the applications and Social Media helps promote them.

Hey Triana Global, you might want to focus on advertising not on development! Who is currently in Triana Global’s portfolio? We have no idea! Also, why would you go with Triana Global’s guarantee when a company like Lookery, which has been around for over a year, already offers the exact same deal? Again, we have no idea. Let us know if you can find the answer to any of these questions!