TrialPay Offering Virtual Currency Payment Platform for Social and Casual Games


TrialPay has been quietly working with several top social game developers like Challenge Games, (Lil) Green Patch, and Watercooler over the past year, helping them monetize through direct and offer-based virtual currency payments. Now, at Seattle’s Casual Connect Conference this week, the company is sharing more openly about its monetization platform for publishers of social games, casual games, and virtual worlds.

TrialPay has actually been using the offer-based monetization model with retailers like Best Buy, Netflix, and McAfee as well for a long time. When making a purchase, the consumer is able to use TrialPay by accepting offers from advertisers. In turn, the item being checked out becomes free. TrialPay says it’s served over 40 million consumers to date.


As a result, the company is expanding its efforts in the realms of social games and virtual goods. The TrialPay platform includes in-game promotions, purchase incentives, and processing for credit card transactions for developers, as well as fraud mitigation using end-to-end transaction tracking.

“The new capabilities we’ve added to our platform enable social app and game developers to maximize profits from their user base,” stated Alex Rampell, TrialPay’s CEO.

TrialPay joins an increasingly competitive virtual currency monetization market with firms like Offerpal Media, Super Rewards, Peanut Labs, and others. Nevertheless, developers aren’t slowing down the pace of innovation, and the market continues to expand rapidly. It’s a good time to be in the virtual currency monetization business, and it’s sure to be an exciting year ahead.