Trevor Noah Sums Up the Donald Trump News Dump

This... is DNN.

Ha ha. At New York magazine’s Vulture Festival on Sunday, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a great riff on Donald Trump.

Per Claire McCartney’s summary, this really is one of the better visceral descriptions of what The Donald does:

“Trump has mastered the art of moving us onto the next news cycle. He goes, ‘Ted Cruz’s dad assassinated Kennedy.’ And you’re going, What?! I’m sorry, what just happened? And then he’s like, ‘And I will not release my tax returns.’ Wait, wait, what? And now we’ve forgotten the assassination, and now we’re like, What do you mean you won’t release your tax returns?”

“And he goes, ‘Yeah, I talked to John Miller about this.’ Who’s John Miller? What’s going on? You fake your own interviews?! And now we’ve forgotten about the tax returns. And then you’re like, why John Miller? And now we’re on that thing, and he turns around and goes, ‘Chris Christie, stop eating Oreos.’ And we’re like, Wait, did he just do that? And then while we’re still thinking about that he’s like, ‘Okay we’re gonna have a trade war with China, what’s the worst that could happen?’ And now we’re on this and we haven’t even gotten over the assassination.”

As part of a “State of the Union” discussion with New York magazine writer at large Rembert Browne, Noah also dropped a pointed analogy about how he personally hopes the American public’s relationship with Trump the politician will end this fall. It involves nightclubs and when the lights come on.