South Africa Gets the Gift of a Daily Show Contest

Five nights of NYC bed and breakfast accommodation wrapped around one night of Trevor Noah history.

On the Comedy Central U.S. website side, a cool new video was posted Monday that amps up the Trevor Noah excitement. The video contains no dialogue; just a screaming musical soundtrack and very funny closing two-part title card. Meanwhile, on the Comedy Central South Africa website side, something even cooler was posted Monday.


Through Sept. 7, residents of Noah’s native country can enter for a chance to watch their local comedy hero on the Daily Show stage, live:


Noah, who makes his official debut Sept. 28, is going to be on a lot of South African newspaper front pages and magazine covers between now and then. Including, just as one example, the September issue of the guide sent to DStv subscribers. No doubt the winning pair of contest travelers will also garner some fairly sizable media traction. Good luck!