Tress ques(tions) at the NYT: First MoDo, now Judy

First Maureen Dowd, the flame-haired vixen whose hair color is always lingered over in articles, is pictured in NYMag as a raven-haired brunette. Now we learn that Judith Miller, she of swishy-straight trademark — nay, by this time almost-iconic — bob, had curly hair as a child. This tidbit comes from RadarOnline (which points out the mob ties of Judy’s father), and we want to know what’s up. Did her hair just change, as hair can do? (We miss our shiny straight ten-year-old hair). Or did Judy submit to the arcane art of Japanese hair straightening? Is MoDo a real redhead who once dabbled in black, or is her whole redeheaded vixen thing a recent cosmetic development? We don’t know; you might. If you do, tell us. We’re expanding our hair coverage from Dan Abrams.

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