TrendSpottr Alerts, Real-Time Predictive Analytics Service, Launches Today

Move over, Google Alerts.

Launched just this morning, TrendSpottr Alerts – a product of popular real-time viral search and predictive analytics service TrendSpottr – enables businesses and consumers to receive instant email notifications of emerging trends, news and events with extraordinary velocity and viral potential.

How does it work?

TrendSpottr Alerts allows anyone to create customized alerts for any keyword, topic or hashtag and then receive real-time email notifications of emerging trends for those alerts based on tweets, Facebook posts and other online chatter.

Users can create trending alerts for their brand, product, industry, competitor, favorite sports team, home town or any topic of interest whatsoever. TrendSpottr will send an email notification the instant exceptional trending activity is detected for the alert query.

Not only that. As CEO Mark Zohar told AllTwitter, “TrendSpottr Alerts send you an extraordinary signal and very little noise,” unlike Google Alerts which pull from all Google search results and also end up delivering you stale news.

TrendSpottr Alerts let you in on what’s going to be huge, as, and even before, it’s becoming huge, along with the sentiment analysis behind that momentum. Plus, it’s like a personal curation service – you can scoop up real-time intel on whatever it is specifically that you’re interested or invested in.

Each TrendSpottr email notification includes:

-Summary of the trending item with the ability to click through to view it in more detail.

-Indication of the trending strength of the alert; eg., Extreme, High or Elevated. Users can customize the type of alerts they wish to receive.

-Social sharing features to post the trending item to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ directly from the email notification.

-Sentiment analysis of the trending alert; e.g., Positive, Neutral or Negative. TrendSpottr has partnered with Lymbix Inc., the leading Sentiment Intelligence platform, to provide TrendSpottr customers with real-time sentiment analysis of emerging trends.

-Access to a detailed analytics page that includes real-time monitoring of the trending item and detailed sentiment analysis of the tone and emotions for the trend.

Here’s what it looks like:

And if you wanted to dive further into an alert, and examine the analytics behind it, TrendSpottr’s got you covered as well:

So useful, and so impressive.

Even an advanced Twitter search can’t provide you with nearly as powerful intel as this service can – and it’s also super affordable, ranging from around $10-$50 month depending on how many alerts you have set up.

And unlike alerts product Mention, TrendSpottr Alerts weeds out the irrelevant digital chatter that can cloud the truly valuable social activity.

Check it out here.

(Image from Shutterstock)