Trending Today On Twitter: Bored, Opinionated People

Yes, the headline is just nuts – but so are the people on Twitter, especially those who offer up trending topic tweets.

And today, we see that they’re discussing things they do when they’re bored and they’re also setting the Internets straight on . . . well . . . everything. Both are pretty funny. And yes, we know this is the second time funny trending topics have caught out attention. We apologize and will try to make the next “trending today” focus on serious stuff, like abused puppies or pertussis. Because whooping cough ain’t no joke.

As we mentioned yesterday in our Twitter newbie tip, a quick way to get past ‘tweeting stage fright’ is to jump on a trending topic. And here are two doozies that would’ve been great to hop on today had you been paying attention. Pay more attention.

Twitterers are a witty lot – they have to be as brevity is key. And they also love attention. So when they get the chance to show off these superskillz by participating in a funny trending topic, you can expect they’ll bring it, which makes them fun to read. Correction, it’s fun once you learn to skim past the folks taking the trend too seriously, like this guy:

“Therefore,” we shall move on.

Let’s get one thing straight, Twitter-style, shall we?

And what do Tweople do when they’re bored, you wonder? Well, here you go:

Have you sent tweets for a trending topic yet? Tell us about it!

(Yawning woman image from Shutterstock)