Trending On Twitter: #NationalVodkaDay

So this #ThirstyThursday we bring you an apt celebration: National Vodka Day.

And FYI – if you’re looking for something to wash down with your vodka, it’s also National Taco Day.

What a day.

If you check out the #NationalVodkaDay hashtag you’ll find plenty of brands advertising their vodka:


This one from Clique Vodka is the most aggressive (and successful) we’ve seen today. And at 6 pm ET they’re having a national toast, so take a picture of yourself toasting and upload it so it can be shown here – quick!


And then there are the fan tributes:

As well as folks planning to pay homage to both vodka and tacos today:

So what about you? Will you be participating in either “national” event?

(Celebration image from Shutterstock)


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