Twitter’s Trending Events Highlight Olympics

Alongside the other Twitter trends and promoted products, you may have noticed a fairly new arrival, Twitter’s ‘trending events.’

And you also may have noticed they appear to be exclusively focused on the Olympics.

As Nick Cicero points out in his blog post, Twitter appears to be testing out this trending events functionality.

Could this be a sign of a new Twitter advertising product for media companies like TV Networks and sports organizations? Could this extend into the non-profit sector with a worldwide digital blood drive?

It certainly could, we imagine! Current trending events (like the ones below) direct users back to the #Olympics page:


Also important to note – the trending event ‘badge’ (as Cicero calls it) appears only when you have tailored trends turned on. If you click “change” next to Trends and opt out of tailored trends, you’ll no longer see these trending events!

Keeping tailored trends turned on doesn’t hurt anything (it just draws you in to the Twitter collective, mwahaha) – and it helps you stay on top of these most talked about Olympic events.

We wonder when Twitter will start tagging other trending events as such though. Surely there are other ‘trending events’ happening in the world that are worthy to note – like the Mars landing, maybe?

(Clocks and calendar image from Shutterstock)