Trendier Than Justin Bieber? Yes, it’s Possible

Now that you have changed your Twitter password to avoid the acai-berry virus, let’s turn to the Year in Review via Twitter Trends.

Followers of Twitter Trends may have been surprised to learn from TechCrunch that of 25 million Tweets in 2010, not all of them were about badly-coiffed teen singer Justin Bieber.

What did dominate Twitter this year? The Gulf oil spill, FIFA World Cup, the movie Inception, and the Haitian earthquake, among other news stories.

And even though he wasn’t the trendiest topic overall, the seemingly unstoppable Biebs did top the top-tweeted-people list. (And one of Barbara Walter’s “most fascinating people.”)

What does it all mean? Is it more depressing that there were 25 million Tweets this year, or that people spent that much time online discussing iPads and LeBron James? You be the judge.

[Image via Just Jared.]

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