Travian Games Announces Truck Nation for Browser, Mobile

Truck NationTwo years after the launch of their Rail Nation, Travian Games and Bright Future have announced their second transport strategy title, Truck Nation, which is in development for release in Spring 2015. The game will revolve around building a successful trucking company, completing shipping orders and gaining control of as many routes around the game world as possible.

Truck Nation is being developed for release on browser, as well as Android and iOS devices. The game will be played on realistic maps, which means players will drive on roads that actually exist in the real-world, while also encountering things like police checkpoints and traffic jams, just as they might when really driving outside of the game. Altogether, the game’s goal will be for players to earn victory over “The Corporation,” a ruthless trucking company that exploits its drivers.Truck NationTruck Nation is being designed as a social experience, and will allow players to join associations with their friends. While the game is a strategy title, Travian Games promises it will have a low learning curve, in order to be suitable for both “browser game novices and experts alike.”

“In a unique way, Truck Nation combines the challenges of a transport game with an extremely thrilling strategy element, while also not leaving out more questionable aspects of the trade,” said Truck Nation lead designer, Gerald Köhler, in a statement.

Truck Nation is planned for release in Q1 2015. The game will be available in both German and English, with additional languages also in the works. Check back soon for more.