Travel Writers Ruminate on When To Send Press Kits

Scanning our Publicity Corner forum recently, we came across the topic, “What travel writers really do with your press kit,” which contained a link to a message board discussion.

Some helpful tips for PR pros looking to send swag or press kits:

I am most appreciate of PRs who are thoughtful enough to send the kit *before the trip. I rarely read these things when I’m actually on the road and sometimes, if I get the info before hand, I can take a look and make sure I can ask more targeted questions and look for specific things.

In light of most US airlines charging for the first bag, press kits will have to be condensed to CD/DVDs or zip drives. I know that if I get overloaded with press kits at this point, I cull them down to CD only and biz card to save space. Sometimes I’ll keep the few necessary papers.

When do you send press kits? Do you still even use them, or is almost all promo done online?