LA Retains Travel + Leisure ‘Dirtiest City’ Ranking

It’s time once again for readers of Travel + Leisure magazine to chime in with their votes for best and worst American cities, across a broad range of categories. Alongside a call for 2011 submissions, the results of the 2010 poll have been shared.

Apparently, showbiz dirt isn’t the only grime gumming up the LA works. In the category of “America’s Dirtiest Cities,” we came in third, again, behind New Orleans and Philadelphia. Here’s part of the bronze blurb:

That infamous rep for smog is tough to shake: the City of Angels, which is No. 3 for the second year in a row, continues to do poorly in national air-quality tests. Voters also put traffic-clogged Los Angeles in last place for being pedestrian-friendly and in the bottom three for overall quality of life.

LA didn’t fare much better in the “Friendly” category, coming in dead last. The top LA result in the 2010 poll is a #4 for luxury stores, which is good for all those unfriendly, dirty people who can afford them.