Trapster Updates Reflect Developer Benefits of New iPhone

Trapster, the mobile application that lets you search and report speed traps on the road, has revealed two major new updates for its iPhone app, both of which take advantage of the new iPhone OS 3.0.
The first new feature is the loading time for Trapster’s maps. Instead of the old maps, which took a full 28 seconds to load, the updated maps take only 8 seconds for launch. This is because Trapster is able to use the native maps API for the iPhone, as opposed to having to use a Safari web view for maps, which took up a great deal of JavaScript, lengthening the load time.

This may seem like a minor update, but let’s think about this. Who wants to wait nearly 30 seconds for anything to load? And if you’re already an iPhone user then you’ll appreciate an application’s ability to use the device’s maps directly. More specifically, we’re talking about a speed trap application. The faster you can search for speed traps, the better off you’ll be. And for those that actually contribute to Trapster, there’s nothing more discouraging than a slow load time when you’re ready to report a new speed trap.

The second update for Trapster’s iPhone app is the option to receive push notifications, which means you can better focus on the road while you drive. Kind of. The biggest benefit of Trapster’s push notifications is the ability to receive them without running the actual application. For the iPhone, this is kind of a big deal since the device doesn’t support background running applications. With this particular update Trapster no longer has to rely on using text messages for alerting drivers without having the app running, which is more cost effective on Trapster’s end.

For the iPhone OS 3.0, the biggest changes from a platform standpoint include the added support for integrating developer’s applications. While not immediately recognizable to many end users, the ability to mor readily create applications and distribute them on Apple’s mobile platform creates a great deal of value to end users when it’s all said and done.

Given Trapster’s recent updates, which include integration with Facebook Connect as well as Twitter. Such ongoing updates have helped Trapster gain 400,000 traps in its worldwide database, with over 1 million users. As over half of Trapster’s user base consists of iPhone users, it’s also easy to see why the company is so excited about the new iPhone OS 3.0 and its new feature set.