Transport Tycoon: Chris Sawyer’s classic simulation game comes to iOS, Android

Image via 31x Limited

31x Limited has announced the launch of Transport Tycoon on iOS and Android devices, bringing Chris Sawyer’s classic simulation game from 1994 to the modern era of mobile platforms. 31x Limited is Sawyer’s new development house, formed in 2010 specifically to bring games like Transport Tycoon to social and mobile platforms.

The mobile version of Transport Tycoon allows players to become entrepreneurs in charge of a growing transportation system, looking to build their empire by constructing routes between different cities for the delivery and continuous transport of passengers and goods. These routes may be railway lines or ships, but can also include airplane routes, traditional truck routes and more.

Cities grow as their routes become larger and more profitable, and rival AI-controlled companies will be accomplishing the same during each scenario. While the game contains 49 different scenarios, each with their own unique challenges, the overall strategy in Transport Tycoon is to focus on efficiency, building routes to move goods and passengers from one place to another as quickly as possible.

Image via 31x Limited

As time passes in each scenario, new vehicles and modes of transportation become more common, allowing players to upgrade existing vehicles or replace them with new models entirely. Eventually, players will command supersonic jets and bullet trains, but only if their empire survives long enough to see them invented. Players can eventually tackle 100-Year Challenges, and can also play in scenarios modeled after real areas of North America and Europe during the 20th Century.

Transport Tycoon is now available to download on iOS and Android for $6.99. All in-game content is available for that price, with no additional purchases required. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.