Transformers: Battle Tactics Rolls Out on Mobile

The game allows users to collect dozens of Autobots and Decepticons, and take them into battle against players around the world

Transformers Battle TacticsDeNA and Hasbro have launched Transformers: Battle Tactics on mobile. First announced in December 2014, the game is a turn-based tactical combat experience, which allows players to recruit a team of up to 75 Decepticons and Autobots before taking them into battle against friends and strangers from around the world. The game heavily resembles another DeNA title, Super Battle Tactics, but replaces the tanks from that game with characters from the Transformers universe.

Players start with a team of four Transformers, and take them into battle against a rival team in a quest for domination. During battle, turns begin with each character “spinning” for one of five possible attack values, represented by a bar under each character. If the bar lands on a low number, players can use one of their three ability points (per turn) to spin again, in the hopes of increasing this number.

Other abilities allow players to call down a Photon Strike on a chosen enemy unit, or command all of their units to target a single enemy (as examples). Without this targeting ability, each unit will attack a random enemy on their turn. For additional strategy, players can tap on each unit to transform them between their robotic (humanoid) form and their alternate form. One form may be stronger than the other in certain areas, so players need to determine when the transformation is most advantageous.

After each battle, players receive Cybercoins, a free currency, and Resources, a collectible used to recruit new team members. Cybercoins can be used to upgrade each Transformer, increasing their health and eventually their possible attack values. When players need more coins, they can use excess Resources to create duplicate Transformers, and sell them for a profit.

As players create a large number of different Transformers, they’re encouraged to link certain units together in the same team to unlock specific advantages. For instance, creating a team comprised of Starscream, Thundercracker and Acid Storm would give players a better chance of attacking first on each turn.

For additional social features, players can keep track of their player-vs-player ranking on in-game leaderboards, where the top players receive in-game prizes. Users can also join Leagues with others.

Transformers: Battle Tactics is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and is coming soon to the Amazon Appstore. Users who preregistered for the game via its official website will receive free in-game content when they download and register their account in the app.