‘Transformers 3’ Also Wins the Weekend’s Social Media Battle

Photo: Paramount

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (is it just us or does that title make little sense?) set a new July 4th record, selling $97.5 million in tickets Friday through Sunday and $116.4 million for Friday through Monday. (The movie has made a total of $398.1 million since it opened on Tuesday.)

But the movie was also a winner online, adding 37,317 Facebook likes and spurring 175,848 tweets between Friday and Monday. The film falls squarely in the summer blockbuster wheelhouse — action-packed, special effects, available in 3-D — and also had a bit of sexy gossip to help generate some buzz before its opening day.

The Atlantic has an interesting post that asks, “Is there still an audience for the star-driven summer movie based on original material?” looking specifically at this weekend’s number four movie, Larry Crowne, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

There was an unintentional viral aspect to the film’s pre-release, but the film is mostly being sold on the names of its two leading stars. The post brings up issues related to marketing films that have an original story and target those moviegoers who don’t need quite so many robots and special effects to enjoy a film.