Transcript of Michelle Obama’s Remarks at This Week’s National Design Awards Lunch

Following up from our post last week announcing the annual Cooper Hewitt‘s National Design Awards lunch with the First Lady, the White House has just released a transcript of Michelle Obama‘s speech at the event. Though it was mostly serious and about the importance of design, she made a handful of jokes, one about how excited she was to be sitting next to Tim Gunn and another about all the interesting parts that make up a whole Wayne Clough, head of the Smithsonian. Here’s a bit from the serious part:

“What you do impacts just about every moment of our lives — from the words we read, to the public spaces we enjoy, to the devices that help us do our jobs and run our homes and care for our families. Your work can determine whether a family has shelter or whether a village has clean drinking water. It can help fight disease, educate a child, and ensure we pass on cleaner, healthier world — planet to all our children and grandchildren. And your efforts grace our world with works of beauty that lift our spirits and stir our souls like nothing else can.”