Trakzor – Facebook Tracker

If you want to trace people who visits your profile page you can try Trakzor Facebook application. Trakzor is very popular MySpace tracker which now want to step in to Facebook. Of course you can’t receive the same functionality like using Trakzor in MySpace because Facebook is much closed platform and many users like that personal information is much better protected. But for very curious people Trakzor can give somo possibilities and information about profile viewers.

So how are Trakzor working. The biggest difference from MySpace tracker is hat you need to have Trakzor account not to only see stats but to be traced. It means that you can’t be traced viewing other people profiles until you log-in into Trakzor.

Facebook made this impossible to track people and this is a huge advantage in many people minds because it makes Facebook platform and people communication much more private. This means that you can receive information about other people only if they are allowing this. I thin that’s the best way how to resolve privacy problems and give people strong believe that they privace is and will be protected. And also it makes possible to tack people if they have nothing to hide and if they are more open to such things.