Traitor – Special Agent Games Promotes a Movie through Facebook Games

It’s a glorious day in a nascent industry when cheaply-produced movie tie-in titles are released. Just as console gamers have experienced Iron Man and Hulk games recently, social gamers now get to do the same.

Traitor – Special Agent Games is actually three small games in one – or, depending on how you look at it, one big movie advertisement with three little widgets that you can play with. However you look at it, it’s not a real social game, but a glorified ad unit. Essentially, the screen shows you a link to the movie’s website and three games you can click on to perfect your “spy” knowledge.

With “Think Global” you’re given a name of a city and a country and a blank map. With your mouse, you must point out where that city is. You only have a limited number of “resources,” which are essentially “mistake points.” For every mile off from where the city actually is, you get a point. When you run out of resources, you lose. It’s that simple. And since it’s almost impossible to get your mouse to click exactly where the city should go, it’s frustrating too.

The “Photographic Memory” game asks you a series of questions after you review five photos. I took this quiz four times with the same questions and still have no idea what some of the answers are. There is no variety – the questions and pictures don’t change.

“High Value Target” is the third and final “game” and lacks instructions. Essentially, you try to block in the little person icon so they can’t escape the grid. The most challenging part of this game is trying to figure out how to play.

Traitor – Special Agent Games lacks any real social elements, and was really made just to promote the movie. Nevertheless, it’s one of the first of this genre that we’ve seen on Facebook.

Development: 3

Game play: 1

Preliminary movie review: 3

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