TrailerMoon launches video creation service for independent app developers

trailer-moon-logo-650Image via TrailerMoon

Video production expert Frank Wagner has today announced the release of TrailerMoon, a video production service that solves a marketing dilemma for independent, up-and-coming app and game developers that wish to release trailers for their products, but don’t have substantial marketing budgets.

TrailerMoon gives app developers two options when it comes to trailer production, with a turnaround time of two business days. A cheaper option at $299 gives developers a “Basic” trailer, containing pre-defined logo animations, music and sound effects that can also be customized upon request.

The “Premium” trailer package costs $599, and includes game or product footage of up to ten minutes in length, all chosen by the developer itself. TrailerMoon then takes that footage and edits it into the “best-looking trailer possible.”

“Since the mid-1990’s, my team and I have created hundreds of video trailers and TV commercials for the entertainment business,” said Wagner, via a company release. “Recently, we’ve experienced a growing demand for low-budget, high-quality trailer production, especially for start-ups and indie studios. Our TrailerMoon service is the solution for this trend.”

TrailerMoon looks to answer a growing demand within mobile app development. Alongside so many other mobile marketing firms and cross-promotional companies, TrailerMoon should give smaller developers a chance to reach a larger audience via their videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Another mobile video service, Vungle, allows developers to use its trailers (or up to 15 seconds of video) as video ads within other applications.

Developers interested in learning more about TrailerMoon’s services are encouraged to visit the company’s website, or its booth at the upcoming Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany.