fbFund Review: TrailBehind

-TrailBehind Logo-I’m not much of a hiker, but if I ever had the guts to walk on a trail, I might check out an app like TrailBehind first. It’s a crowd-sourced application on Facebook, aggregating the trails that others have already mapped and experienced. A fbFund competitor, TrailBehind lets you learn from the hiking of others.

This application also features wiki-like map options, that let you add your own learned information to a map someone else has already uploaded. You can also upload geo-data, which is pretty handy when it comes to hiking trails (especially for novices like myself).

The search capabilities on TrailBehind are pretty standard–select a location on a marked map, or enter a state, address or zip code to find a nearby trail. Details about a trail beyond the basics, however, could really benefit from a more robust wiki option. Right now, the best way to get additional information about a trail is to read any comments that other users leave.

A benefit of having TrailBehind as a Facebook application is the planning option, which presumably ties into Facebook events or lets you invite friends from within the network. This trip-planning feature is currently down, however, so I will have to check it out again later. It may also be helpful to search and filter trails by existing friends that have also added the application.

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