Traffic ‘Verified and Compliant’

This letter to the editor from MGID Inc. is in response to an article in the June 10 issue of Adweek on suspect traffic vendors.

Audience development, content discovery and product promotion. Do these terms sound familiar to you? offers these three simple solutions for companies to enhance brand awareness, content marketing and visitor growth. So what is MGID? And is it good for agencies, brands and publishers?

Senior executives at MGID provided Adweek with inside information about MGID’s business, revealing a behind-the-scenes look into the workings of audience development and traffic growth.

MGID is one of the world’s largest audience development companies with its headquarters in New York, and offices in London and Kiev. It has led the field of audience development since 2008, helping millions of users discover useful and entertaining content via compelling native ads. MGID created the standard for audience development and was the first platform to create native ad units. Copywriters and content managers find and review unique client content and target specific audiences according to client needs. Our rich media ad units are strategically placed on publisher sites, allowing them to reach millions of readers. These ad units target all geographic regions and are displayed on thousands of high quality publishers across the Web.

MGID traffic is verified by comScore and is compliant with Omniture and Google Analytics standards of tracking real users, making MGID a trusted business partner. Company stats, per comScore, are: Over 57,000,000 monthly unique visitors, over 4,500,000 average daily visitors and 2,400,000,000 total pages viewed. Total reach in the U.S. is 25.7 percent, 17.8 percent in the U.K. and 19.4 percent in Canada.

At MGID we work with brands, agencies and strategic partners in different industries. We pride ourselves in our success to provide quality content discovery and product promotion services to our clients. We provide our clients with dedicated account managers and spend a great deal of time working to optimize their campaigns and help them achieve the goals. As an entrepreneur with vast amounts of experience in the online media industry, I have learned through the years that it is very important to build a good reputation.

After joining MGID, I have worked hand in hand with our media buying team to ensure and verify that all our publishers, traffic sources and media partners are in compliance with our terms and conditions; questionable sources will not be tolerated as part of our network. In addition, we have implemented additional fraud protection tools to make sure we only provide the best service possible.