Taking a Deeper Look at Application Traffic Over the Last 30 Days: 6 Examples

Although there has been a lot of speculation in the last few weeks, the long term impacts of the profile redesign on the Facebook platform have certainly yet to be fully felt. Since the redesign fully rolled out a few weeks ago, there has been significant outside scrutiny of the little publicly available evidence that has indicated upticks for some apps (like Causes, which we profiled yesterday), and major traffic drops for others.

Today, we shift our focus to the top 3 apps on the Facebook active user leaderboard as well we three mid-sized applications to get a better cross section of application traffic patterns over the past 30 days.

Super Wall (RockYou!)

While some hypothesized that Facebook’s enhanced Wall and Publisher integration would threaten the major “wall” apps, Super Wall has thus far proven those fears to be unfounded. Over the past month, Super Wall has trended slightly upwards, coming in with roughly 18.5 million monthly active users as of today.

Top Friends (Slide)

Included in the profile redesign was a tweak to the Facebook’s own friends box. The update allowed users to specify which and how many friends’ pictures appeared in their own friends box – functionality that previously only Top Friends provided. Over the past 30 days, Top Friends has trended downwards, falling from 19.5 million monthly actives to roughly 16.8 million monthly actives as of today.

Slide FunSpace (Slide)

Slide, which recently announced distribution partnerships with several media outlets, has for the past month experienced a significant downturn on Slide FunSpace (formerly FunWall), another one of their core properties. The app has fallen from 20.8 million to 15.2 million monthly active users, nearly a 37% decline.

Movies (Flixster)

Flixster’s Movies application is on a sharp upswing, with a jump from 4.86 million to 5.86 million monthly actives. That growth has come mostly during the past 10 days.

Word Twist (Zynga)

Word Twist, a part of the Zynga game network, has remained almost perfectly flat, resting at 650k MAUs.

Dog Book (Refresh Partners)

Finally, Dog Book suffered significant loses, falling from nearly 464k MAUs to 320k MAUs, nearly a one-third drop in traffic.


This handful of apps may not be indicative of the platform at large, but their performances do paint a mixed picture of the ecosystem’s overall health. While it may be appealing to simply state “apps are dead” or “apps are up,” the real story is thus far less definitive. It is clear, however, that the Facebook Platform has changed, and applications need to adapt to the new Facebook dynamics and integration points to continue to grow and prosper.

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