Traducto Helps Get App A From Country X to Country Y

If you’ve been using apps for any length of time then you’ve probably encountered apps which haven’t been translated to your language. I see them regularly, and often times I have to guess what each function does. Sometimes I don’t even bother to guess; the app isn’t worth the effort.

But once Traducto gets going that could be a thing of the past. This startup aims to be a marketplace where developers can find local translations for their apps. “Developers have a hard time translating apps,” Visual Frames founder Jules Ngambo said. “Most developers don’t know how to localize, and the process could easily take between 10 and 20 hours.”

Traducto launched their marketplace today as an OSX app. Once developers install it and create an account they can either type the text they need translated or directly import Xcode files. Traducto currently supports 16 languages with three pricing tiers – Standard, Professional, and the super-accurate Enterprise.

The turn around time varies, but TechCrunch reports that most projects are complete in 24 hours.