Traditional Publishers are Finding More Money In Fashion


The decline in ad revenues in print publications and the subsequent rise of online ad spending is a dynamic that hasn’t quite achieved critical mass the fashion category. One need only try to heft Vogue’s record-breaking September issue, or listen to the chattering class whispers that Martha Stewart is planning on diving headfirst into the luxe magazine market. And both Hearst and Conde Nast are targeting the the affluent luxe-friendly magazine buyer overseas. From Nat Ives of AdAge:

”Carol Smith, exec VP-group publisher at Elle, said she can’t imagine a future when fashion advertisers spend more online than on paper. ‘Fashion is all about the dream, and you can’t get the dream online,’ she said. ‘You can shop online, get information online, see a thousand pair of knee boots in various sizes, shapes, whatever, but you can’t get the inspiration one gets in a magazine.”’

Smith, however, adds that websites are ”doing the right things more and more,” and in the long term she doesn’t ”believe that print can stay the main stage.”