Army Archerd’s last ‘Just For Variety’ column ran last week, ending with a big thank-you to all his pals:

Ava, Julie, Marilyn, Rita, Clark, Ty, Duke, Shirley, Elvis, Lana, Sharon, Jimmy, Fred and Gene, Sammy, Frank, Dean and Jerry, Mike, Michael, Alfred, John, Joan, Betty, Bette, Olivia, Ingrid, Henry and Jane, Peter, Ray, Jay, Ernie, Debbie, Grace, Ginger, Sherwood, Kirk, Anne, Michael, Catherine and Eric, Carl, Rob and Estelle, Bill, Bing, Bob, Dolores and Linda, Sidney, Paulette, Loretta, Errol, Basil, Arnold, Danny, Roy, Dale, Ray, Rock, Elizabeth, Debbie, Connie, Cesar, George, Harry, Carol, Barbie, Judy, Liza, Lorna and Sid, Lucy and Desi and Gary, LeoLeo, Johnny, Joni and Jodi, Oprah, Larry, Jeffrey, Bunny, Jennifer, Robert, Christopher, Laurence, Harrison, Mel, Anne, Monty, Christopher, Joe, Mike, Jack, Tony and Cyd, A.C., Dan, Don, Ted, Sherry and Billy, Ruth and Joe, Alan, David, Freddie, Gregory, Katharine, Katherine, Hedda, Louella, Barbra and Jim, Madelyn and Pete, Jon, Brooke, Sandy, Cindy, Clint, Lionel, Drew and Ethel, Benny, Walter, Fess, Gene, Merv, Warren and Annette, Warren and Barbara, Bill and Tani, Reege and Joy, Marlee, Marlon, Matt, Brad, J.Lo, Ali and Donanne, Aaron, Candy, Tori and Randy, Hugh, Sonny and Cher, Peter, Charlie, Adolph, Mae, Dakota, Deanna, Jane, June, Jean, Joe, Jimmy, Peter, Harry, Walter, Harold, Marvin and Larry, Woody, Mel, Nathan, Matthew, Pier, Pierre, Dana, Doris, Diana, Laurie, Leslie, Julia, Piper, Dick, Dan, Don, Donald, Gene, Walt, Jim, Lauren and Humphrey, Charlie, Halle, Goldie and Kurt, Burt, Peter, Nicole, Tom, Groucho and Harpo, Sophie, Ringo, Paul, John and George, Bruce, Dolly, Bob, Demi, Ashton, Tom, King, Prince, Joaquin, River, Diana and Dodi, Joe and Nancy, Ken, Sissy, Missy, Howard, Zsa Zsa, Eva, Paris, Kathy, Ricky and Barron, Brad, George, Esther, Sammy, Pia, Meshulam, Bill, Norman, Mickey, Danny, Marlo, Terre and Tony, Larraine and David, Frank, Jack, Wendy, Ray, Marty, Ernie, Lloyd, Beau and Jeff, Nikki, Whoopi, Sophia, Brigitte, Anita, Telly, Corky and Mike, Larry, Rosemarie, Budd and Alix, Arthur and Gwen, Hugh, Ginnie, Don, Victoria, Joe, Giorgio, Dan, Monty, Natalie, Bob, Abby and Perry, Monica, Monique, Natalie, Herb, Clint, Buz and Rhea, Jayne and Steve, Herb, Mel, Maggie, Larry, Monty, Monica, Sidney and Joanna, Jim, Jeff, Lee, Jeffrey, Brian, Barry, Orson, Rosemarie, Michael, Angelina, Billy Bob, Don Ho, Jude, Hugh, Shirley, Jennifer, Wolfgang and Gelila, Leo, Norman, Eartha, Elaine, Chuck, Norm, Red, Jack, Monty, Angelica, Alfre, Paul and Joanne, Ronnie and Nancy, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, Tipper and Al, the Kennedys, Brad, Milton, Norm, Bernie, Tom, Carol, Angie, Rod, Kathy, Bobby, Camryn, Ed, Annabelle, Lew and Edie, Casey and Lynne, Steven, Stuart, Charlton, John, Sharon and Barney, Daphna, Richard, Quincy, Ken, Nicole, Madonna, Hal, Neil, Danny, Kelsey, Mimi, Roman, Rob, Kevin, Geoffrey, Hank, Norm and Joan, Monty and Marilyn, Red, Martin, Jack and Roxanne, Eva Marie and Jeff, Andy, Julian, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and all the rest of you, and your children, grandchildren and families who have found recognition here … So — a great GOOD MORNING to you all. That’s 30. Love, Army, P.S.: Don’t forget to call me with news!

We’re putting a Fishtern on ferreting out the last names of all those people. Watch this space. Meanwhile, the LAT reports on Archerd’s farewell party and hints that THIS Army isn’t going AWOL anytime soon (sorry!):

His “Just for Variety” column is history, he concedes, but he’s already thinking about a new one. It would run periodically and be full of news about Hollywood people — who’s getting married, who’s having a baby, whose been lunching with whom. Nobody else does a column like that, he says. Maybe he’ll call it “Kudos.”

Meanwhile, turns out that both Variety and THR are getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, becoming the second and third inanimate objects to be so promoted honored. (Link via LABJ via L.A. Observed.)