Share Your Trades on Twitter, with Trade Monster

Trade Monster is an online brokerage site that is looking to grow and empower its users, with Twitter integration.
Now traders on the site can tweet their actions, such as stock they’re buying or selling. For instance, when you’re about to buy or sell a particular stock, you have the option of tweeting that action. There’s a window that appears with a pre-populated tweet telling of your action, and you can modify or add to this message as you see fit.
The Twitter integration is also applied to forums and other areas of the site, enabling you to tweet general questions, thoughts and opinions to Twitter users.

The Twitter integration itself goes along with the real-time browser capabilities of Trade Monster, providing even more social features for users to take those conversations and trading activity outside of the confines of its own site.
To that end, Trade Monster’s Twitter integration is going after a couple of things here, namely growth and feature enhancement. In enabling users to push their site activity out to the Twittersphere, Trade Monster is also able to grow its own brand recognition. It’s a great way to push links out across the web, by allowing users to promote their site activity (from your site) to the rest of the world. Such tweets act as recommendations in a sense, and encourage others to not only check out the site, but to us Trade Monster as well. Such tactics have been used for a number of other services, from Utterz to
Another way in which Twitter integration is beneficial for Trade Monster is that it allows microblogging capabilities for users without Trade monster having to layer in that functionality on its own dime. What Trade Monster could really build out from here are two layers of search: one search for tweets coming from Trade Monster users, and another for all stock-related tweets in the Twittersphere.
While Trade Monster is a brokerage site and doesn’t compete directly with services like StockTwits, it’s clear the trend for industry-specific search is growing and could be a nice added feature for Trade Monster.