Trade eBooks Sales Up 250% In July

Trade eBook sales were $40,800,000 for July 2010, a 250% increase over the previous July’s $16,300,00, according to the International Digital Publishing Forum which collects sales figures in conjunction with the Association of American Publishers.

The previous high was $31,900,000.

When reading the stats, you should note the following:

* This data represents United States revenues only
* This data represents only trade e-book sales via wholesale channels. Retail numbers may be as much as double the above figures due to industry wholesale discounts.
* This data represents only data submitted from approx. 12 to 15 trade publishers
* This data does not include library, educational or professional electronic sales
* The numbers reflect the wholesale revenues of publishers
* The definition used for reporting electronic book sales is “All books delivered electronically over the Internet or to hand-held reading devices”