Trackur Now Shows Twitter Influence, Analytics

Trackur, a leading provider of analytics for websites, blogs and social media, has just released its Twitter influence statistics package. Now, you can drill down to see not only the Klout score of a Twitter user, but also his or her most influential topics, number of followers, and other Twitter metrics. This is great news for marketers running Twitter or social media campaigns, as it provides insight into who’s sharing your content and tweeting about your brand.

The new Twitter Dashboard from Trackur is powered largely by Klout. As Marketing Pilgrim reports, Trackur users can drill down into Twitter metrics with a click of a button.

On offer is an overall number out of 100 to give you a snapshot of just how influential a particular Twitter user is. This will give you a good idea of who is exerting influence over your brand on Twitter.

The Trackur Twitter dashboard also displays the user’s Twitter name, bio and profile pic, so you can see who they are at a glance. It also pulls in other information from, including the number of followers, the number of tweets and who that user is following.

One of the more interesting analytics in Trackur’s new offerings is provided by Klout: which topic(s) that user is most influential in. If your business is tracking mentions of your latest iPad game and a user is influential in “social gaming”, you will likely want to hear more of what they’re saying about your brand.

You can sign up for a free Trackur account to test out the new Twitter Dashboard for yourself.