Tracking the Goings-Ons at TypeCon

If you’re reading this post and find it interesting, then that likely means that you aren’t in Boston and/or aren’t attending TypeCon2006. If you were, you’d already be attending the sorts of workshops and panels we’re going to be catching up on on their regularlyupdated blog, TypeCon Talk. You’d be saying, “Oh, that, I already know about that.” But because you’re likely not there, you’re going to say, “Oh, that’s neat. I, like you attractive UnBeige writers, will be checking in on this site periodically. Now please take this wad of money.” As of right now, there’s not a lot up on the blog, more than just directions to things and how to deal with the trains, but we wanted to alert you about the site early, because it just started today, after all, so when things start hopefully hoping, you’ll be there to sit, read, and envy the hell out of the people who went.